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h: 52: error: stray \ 303 in program / usr/ include/ ctype. h: 52: error: stray \ 215 in program. See ANSI C+ + : Standard header files ( and yes, you can compile C+ + program with GCC - it will call g+ + ). You have an invalid character on that line. This is what I saw: enter image description here. Somewhere in your source you have one or more non- breaking spaces ( 0xa0) encoded in UTF- 8 ( 0xc2 0xa0). Use od or a similar tool to find them, and then replace them with normal spaces. c: 118: error: stray ' \ 303' in program algo. c: 118: error: stray ' \ 215' in program. I could not seem to figure it out, what is this? For future reference, stray ' \ XXX' means an incomprehensible character to the looks like some of the characters got " smart" - ified, probably by Microsoft Word or a similar program. You' ll need to do a find- and- replace to change “ and ” to " ( and perhaps likewise for other characters, though “ and ” are the only characters. iconv - f utf- 8 - t ascii/ / translit input. This error is common when you copied and pasted the code in the IDE. Error: stray ' \ 240' in program is simply a character encoding error message.

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    Stray program error

    ここで転けたため、 最後の14行目returnでもプログラムとしてつじつまが合わなくなった 。. gcc - o prog1 prog1. c: In function ` main' : prog1. c: 8: error: stray ' \ 201' in program prog1. c: 8: error: syntax error at token prog1. Now whenever I write an equals sign, followed by a space ( something like width = 100) I get the error message error: stray ' \ 302' in program. ' \ 302' is C notation for the octal number 3028, which equals C20. Then you can see in the octal. error: stray ' \ 302' in program. You can then remove. I deleted the leading whitespace of all lines reporting this error and inserted the space characters again. Thus, you get error messages about unrecognized Unicode characters, and you get error messages showing that. Like many text editors, gedit provides syntax highlighting for many programming languages including C ( so.