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However there' s an. The console keeps telling me Line 31: SyntaxError: bad input ( ' ' ) but I think the indentation is correctly made. Which line of the code is throwing the error? fit( features, u)? According to the documentation of LinearSVC, the arguments for fit( X, y) are. X : { array- like, sparse matrix}, shape = [ n_ samples, n_ features]. I generally consider this as a bug in codeskulptor. When this happens, you probably copied that line of code, You could just delete and rewrite the exact same line of code. If it works then you' re set, if it doesn' t then there is a. Questions seeking debugging help ( " why isn' t this code working? " ) must include the desired behavior, a specific problem or error and the shortest code necessary to reproduce it in the question itself. Questions without a clear. I' ll second steveax. 422 seems like a good choice.

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    Input code error

    IMHO, you should never use 200 if the request failed. Use an error code & if necessary, provide details in the response body: HTTP/ 1. 1 422 Unprocessable de: import random, math count = 1 a1 = int( input( " Questions: " ) ) max = int( input( " Maximum: " ) ) while count < = a1: count + = 1 a2a = random. random( ) a3a = random. random( ) a2 = math. floor( a2a * max) a3 = math. 下記のソースコードを実行したところ、 下記のようなエラーが発生しました。 その後、 いくつか手. て頂きたいです。 また、 もしよろしければそれぞれのエラーメッセージの 意味も教えて頂ければと思います。. ValueError: bad input shape ( 1, 3). SVC( kernel= ' linear', C= 1). fit( X_ train, y_ train) score = clf. score( X_ test, y_ test) を clf = svm. fit( train_ data, train_ label) score = clf.

    score( test_ data, test_ label). に変更して実行してみてください。. I am getting the error " Bad input type email, creating a text input". Here below are the question specifications and my code. I am not getting exactly what constraints I am missing out or going wrong. Question Description:. Codes starting with 4 ( 4xx) are meant for client errors. Maybe 400 ( Bad Request) could be suitable to this case? Definition in w3. org/ Protocols/ rfc2616/ rfc2616- sec10. html says: " The request could not be understood.